HEED 3 - Submersible Systems Emergency Egress Device

– Compact design weighs only 1.4 lbs. 

– The 3000 psi, 1.7 cu ft. bottle provides approx. 30 breaths (at the surface) to give users the extra time to exit a submerged aircraft/vessel.  

– WARNING: Emergency device to assist egress from submerged aircraft; training required. 

– 20 year product life
– 10 year service interval
– Automatic inflation systems with an extra oral inflation tube
– Water activated sea light
– Whistle
– Waist belt

Sizes: (comes with or without holster)
– 1.7 cu.ft

– 3.0 cu.ft

Note: The cylinder should be hydrostatically tested once every 5 years.

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