Visors can be attached to any Gecko marine safety helmet and they provide additional protection from the elements and collisions

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All Gecko Helmets Come Fitted with an Inflatable Helmet Liner To create a 100% custom fit every time, to reduce

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Gecko Equipment Grips Can be Used to Attach Marine Lights and Cameras to Your Helmet There are two types of

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The helmet can be delivered with factory installed studs prepared for goggle attachements or as a complete systems with studs

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Exposure Lights

Exposure Lights are much more than just torches, they combine high powered LED search capabilities with our patented MOB Technology

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Ear Inserts

If there is no need for communication, headphones or lighting, just plug these ear inserts in to the hole where

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Ear Defenders

Ear defenders can be mounted onto your cut away helmet Alternatively, they can be worn underneath your cut away helmet

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