Radix Bump Helmet

The RADIX Bump Multi-Capable Helmet is a versatile solution designed for a range of scenarios, ensuring safety in non-ballistic environments.

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LIFT Helmets

LIFT Airborne Technologies is a dynamic company driven by a deep passion for flight and a mission to revolutionize aviation technology. Recognizing the limitations of outdated equipment, they have dedicated themselves to enhancing and updating flight systems, aiming to provide aviators with unparalleled performance and safety.

In just 35 years, LIFT has emerged as a leading force in the industry, spearheading transformations across multiple sectors. Their innovative solutions extend beyond aviation, as they have also revolutionized motorcycling protection and provided top-of-the-line safety equipment for infrastructure builders.

LIFT prioritize safeguarding both pilots and individuals on the ground by developing advanced head protection solutions. Their unwavering commitment to cutting-edge technology is evident in the development of the most advanced Next Generation Fixed Wing Helmet for the Department of Defense.

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Tiger Performance has more than 20 years of Aviation Gear, Helicopter Helmet, Flight Helmet and Flight Helmet Communications experience. They have a world-class reputation as a trusted military, commercial, and civilian aviation industry helmet resource for pilots and crew members who need a safe, light and custom-fit flight helmet.

Helicopter Flight Helmet, U.S. MIL SPEC MSA Gallet Flight Helmet, as well as advanced integrated Communication Systems, including PNR, CEP, ANR, BOSE A30, Lightspeed and wireless and talk-thru systems. Their helmets are also NVG compatible that includes an available NVG Quick Release as an option.

Pilots looking for top performance choose their Helmet Communication systems for advanced helmet and headset communications.

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