The Cut Away Marine Safety Helmet

The cut away marine safety helmet has been designed to meet the needs of people working in high noise environments with a cut away design that allows for ear defenders to be worn with the helmet.

The cut away marine safety helmet is a variation of the popular open face helmet model with the side sections of the helmet removed to allow for ear protection to be worn with the helmet. The cut away sections do not compromise on the safety of the helmet as it still meets the BSI marine safety helmet standard PAS 028:2002. The Gecko cut away marine safety helmet does not have side inserts to mount equipment however it will take a sticky pad grip attachment for those who wish to use it alongside flashlights and camera equipment. Ear defenders can be mounted to the helmet or worn underneath it.



Working from the successful model design of the Open Face the Cut Away has been designed with an open ear shape to allow for the use of ear defenders. The Cut Away is compatible with most ear defenders in the three main styles of wearing them.

The grooves along the helmet are designed to increase the strength to weight ratio of the shell. It also allows water to run off the back of the helmet to keep vision clear.The patented inflatable liner is an integral part of the helmet design; through an oral valve, the liner has the ability to inflate or deflate to create a perfect fit every time.

This offers an inherent buoyancy to the user, and if overboard and rising up to the surface will position user to rise with the helmet to take any impacts.

The neck is cut high to allow users full motion of their head to look all around them including above them in case of a helicopter rescue.

This also allows for life jackets and buoyancy aids to be used and not push the helmet up from the back and obscure user vision.

  • Size: 57cm – 62cm
  • Weight: 620grms


  • Marine Safety Helmet PAS 028:2002
  • Ear Defence EN352-3 with ear defenders



Every helmet is custom made to order, here are some of the customisation options:

  • Colours
  • Visors
  • Liners
  • Logos & Livery


These accessories are compatible with the Cut Away helmet:

  • Visors
  • Grips
  • Ear Defenders
  • Marine Flashlights

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