Series 3000 CU2 EBS

Designed for rugged day to day use with easy maintenance and operation. Tiger’s SBA/CU2 with 2nd Stage Octopus is ultra lightweight, compact and is specifically designed for emergency bail out breathing for all Air Crew and passengers that fly over water, Marine Crew members or land operations near water hazards.

  • Weighing only 2.5 pounds, this system is the lightest, most compact and highest performance bail out breathing system available on the market and is available with either pin or easy to read 3000 PSI dial gauge.
  • The universal compact second stage, CU2 is designed for universal left or right hand use and is available in either Stealth Black or Neon Yellow with matching mouthpiece covers.
  • Second stage hoses are small diameter, flexible with stealth black hardware, includes 90° swivel banjo fitting and available in 20”, 27” & 36″ lengths.

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