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Quick Release Box

Quick Release Box MK-5

With the Lite Flite Quick Release Box the winchman is always able to release himself if an emergency occurs or as part of a standard operation.


If a winchman gets into problems, entangled on a wreckage or stuck between rocks in the mountains, the helicopter has a problem. In a situation like that the crew can be forced to cut the cable in order to not jeopardize the helicopter and the crew. If this happens for a helicopter equipped with a single hoist only, the helicopter is not able to get back to rescue the winchman.



Our popular and market leading Quick Release Box mk-5 is designed with the ability to open under tension. This is a very important safety feature, as the winchman is always able to release himself in an emergency. If a hoist is stuck, the secondary A-ring at the suspension strap allows a smooth transfer to a secondary hoist hook. The QRB is thus a vital piece of the winchman’s personal protection equipment.  You can also use the QRB during standard operation procedures.  Unlike similar products on the market, it has the added advantage of being easy to reconnect again.



Lite Flite QRB is compatible with all Lite Flite hoist harnesses. The QRB is placed in a fixed spot which is not adjustable. This is a safety feature, as the winchman will always know where the QRB is placed in case of emergency.



The QRB mk-5 is made almost entirely of corrosion treated stainless steel as it is the best material to use in saline environments. Even the springs are made of stainless steel. Only the back plate and the turning lid with the protruding, tactile safe indicator bar is made of anodized aluminum. Once a year, the QRB must be disassembled, cleaned, lubricated with a special aero grade grease and the stainless springs should be changed, but daily maintenance is limited to flushing with cold water. The precision CNC milled parts are all contributing to the high quality and smooth, though distinct operation.


Lite Flite QRB assembly is tested and type certified as part of Lite Flite hoist harness system according to European Council directive 89/686 in conformance with European norms EN813:2008 and EN1497:2007.

The quality management system is audited by Notified Body: Force Certification, Denmark.  Certificate No. DK-0200-PPE-2101.



  • MIL-W-4088 webbing type XIII, breaking strength > 7000 lbs
  • PE webbing R6180T, breaking strength > 9000 lbs
  • Hardware made of corrosion treated stainless steel and sea water resistant, anodized aluminium



  • Dual action, quick release mechanism
  • Connection only possible in Safe Mode
  • Compatible with all Lite Flite hoist harnesses
  • Breaking strength > 23 kN
  • Max. user weight 150 kg


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