Cold protective, windproof, cut resistant and water repellent gloves for professional use and precision work with foldable index and thumb.

For defence, police, civile services, logistics, warehousing and leisure

  • intended for professional and tactical use in cold and wet weather
  • can also be used for precision work, hunting, etc.


  • 7 – 14


  • EN 388:2019
  • EN 511:2006

Cut resistance

In many daily operations, cut protection is indispensable. Knife attacks, interventions in extreme situations, the risk of being cut by broken glass, etc. require appropriate protection with carefully selected materials such as para-aramid or HPPE fabrics and specifically designed technologies (e.g. with metal or ceramic meshes). Our tactile CPN-range offers high-risk cut protection in a wide range of situations (law enforcement, prison control, security).


Water repellent

Water repellency (or liquid repellency in general) may seem easy to solve but actually it’s not. Depending on the situation you are working in, combining water repellency with other levels of protection is not always easy to achieve. Here, too, the search for and application of new technologies are among our key objectives.


Finger sensitivity and dexterity are 2 major challenges to tackle when designing tactile gloves. Combining the right fabrics with the right fitting – such as in our Target glove – result in a perfect match.

Cold protection

Performing in (exceptionally) cold situations requires appropriate hand protection without compromising as much as possible on fine motor skills. There are a lot of materials and technologies that provide comfortable protection, but we simply need to surpass this by offering a high tactility as well. Ongoing R&D will provide suitable answers within the near future.

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