MK 50 Passenger Life Preserver


Developed in direct response to CAA CAP 1034 Category ‘A’ performance guidelines and meeting the requirements of ETSO-2C504 and ETSOC13F the new MK50 Lifejacket features an integrated Emergency Breathing System (EBS).

Constructed from a flame retardant material, the unique modular design allows full customisation for operating requirements, whilst the slim and ergonomic design allows for maximum comfort and manoeuvrability. The jacket features a twin inflatable chamber with a buoyancy of 275 Newtons.

The modular design offers improved maintenance and servicing costs as individual components can be easily removed and serviced.

  • 20 year product life
  • 10 year service interval
  • Automatic inflation systems with an extra oral inflation tube
  • Water activated sea light
  • Whistle
  • Waist belt

Approval held: ETSO 2C503/2C504/C13f draft technical specification 1034

Part Number: A393300A00

Buoyancy: Double chamber 275 newton minimum

Total Weight: 4.08kg

Underwater Escape Breathing System: PSTASS

CO2 cylinder: 2 x 60 Gramme CO2 cylinders

Automatic Steady Light: ACR L8-4 Rescue light approved to TSO C85

Strobe Water Activated: Firefly 3 SOLAS Waterbug approved to FAA TSO C85

Spray Hood: Integral

Buddy Line: Fitted and approved to EN394

Whistle: Approved to EN396, EN ISO 12402-8

Crotch Strap: Integral

Lifting Beckets Recovery: Twin recovery beckets & rear back strap doubles as grab strap

Beacon Stowage: Removable universal pocket for sea marshall MRT AU9 HT, AU10 & Rotheta RT B77 beacon mounted on left hand side of flight jacket

Beacon Pocket: MACs attachment system – removable for repair or replacement

Sizing: One size fits all

Approved for use with the following aircraft platforms: S92, S76, EC155, EC225, AW139, AW189, AS332L2, AS365NS

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