Markus MOB Emergency Ladder

The Markus MOB Emergency ladder for boat type MEL2 is two mesh wide ladder designed both for leisure boats and workboats of all types.

It is intended to provide a person that has fallen overboard and a rescue swimmer that has to enter the water the possibility to pull the ladder down and climb back on board.

When one sailes alone or with child or elderly person it is important that the ladder is fastened outside hanging over the side midship. The handle should be hanging down not more than 70 cm abowe the water, enabling the person in the water to grasp the handle, pull the ladder down and step on the ladder.

  • Tensile strength tested with each buckle loop taking equal load >2500 kg
  • Tensile strength test of each mesh >500 kg
  • Fasteings: 3 buckle loops with SS buckles.
  • Width: 40 sm
  • Length: Variable based on model, 170, 220, 270 cm, 320 cm.
  • Material: Polyester webbing with lead inside handle and plastic rodes in each step.
  • Aluminum bar distribute the load on the fastening buckles.
  • Storage cover of PVC/ Polyester fabric .
  • Weight : Variable based on model; 800 gr, 900 gr, 1000 gr,


Location: Midship on both sides in no danger of the propeller when in down position.

The Markus MOB Emergency Ladder model MEL2 is available in 4 standard lengths.

The total length should be the distance from the fastening point to the water level plus one meter.

The 4 models are:

MEL2-170 (for boats with 80 cm from fastening point to water).

MEL2-220 (for boats with 130 cm from fastening point to water).

MEL2-270 (for boats with 170 cm from fastening point to water).

MEL2-320 (for boats with 220 cm from fastening point to water).

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