Hoist Harness

Lite Flite hoist harness comes in several versions to match specific needs and fits perfectly together with the rest of Lite Flite’s helicopter rescue equipment.


In general, our hoist harness is constructed without shoulder straps in order to secure maximum comfort and to allow the winchman to move his legs freely in order to support the rescued person during the hoist ride to the helicopter.

Likewise, to prevent the winchman to slide  in case of a head down position, the harness has a unique design of the front part, where the waist belt locks itself on to the hips. It is important that each winchman has a harness that fits him perfectly, which is why our harnesses come in different sizes.

Custom designs can usually be made upon request, if the EC type certification is not breached. In short, we have a hoist harness for every winchman.



All Lite Flite hoist harnesses feature their specially made tang for Quick Release Box, QRB. Some harnesses are delivered with an additional D-ring in front of (shown) or behind the QRB tang. The latter can be utilized by using a karabiner suspension strap.


Lite Flite hoist harnesses are type tested and -approved iaw European Council Regulation 2016/425 and associated European Norms EN813, EN1497, EN358 etc.

The EC Regulation has replaced the old, so-called Fall Protection Directive 89/686.

Lite Flite hoist harnesses are considered “Simple PCDS” iaw EASA Certification Memo CM-CS-005, as included in the latest amendment of CS-27 and CS-29.



  • UV resistant, high density Polyester webbing, MBS > 45 kN
  • Hardware made of corrosion treated stainless steel and sea water resistant, anodized 6082 aluminium



  • Recommended life time: 5 years from initial use.
  • Annual maintenance: Inspection and certification
  • Daily maintenance: Flush with cold tap water

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