DC2 + CTE30X


The DC2 hearing protector headset (NSN 4220016040299) and the CTE30X are our two most capable passive hearing protectors.

When used together, they offer over 40 times the allowable exposure time when compared to legacy U.S. Navy earmuffs. For high-frequency hearing protection needs, such as industrial power washers, this system provides 50dB of protection at 8 kHz. The custom passive earplugs are resistant to salt-fog, fungus, jet fuel, hydraulic fluid, and other U.S. Military specified chemicals. The earplugs will last over 2 years and can be cleaned with soap and water.



– Rugged design capable of withstanding harsh military and industrial environments.

– Ear impressions are required at time of purchase; product delivery is approximately 42 days after receipt of ear impressions.

– Custom fit for extreme protection.

– Fully digital manufacturing process creates reliable and repeatable fit and simple reordering process.


– Custom molded earplugs provide reliable comfort and consistent fit.

– Replacement earplugs do not require new impressions.

– Easy to clean using soap and water, and are resistant to a wide variety of chemical exposures including jet fuel.

– Better protection for better communications.



– Compatible with Aegisound’s Argonaut communication earplug products including P/N 05-016017 (Argonaut CEP) and P/N 05-016025 (Comm. Earplugs Stereo).

– Compatible with C15 variants of CEP earplugs.

– Fully compatible with Aegisound’s line of circumaural hearing protectors and APC-2G head protection products.

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