Day & Night Distress Signal MK8

Compact, easy to operate, handheld distress signal. Consisting of a red flare at one end and an orange smoke at the other. Housed in a rugged, corrosion and water-resistant case. 

For day or night use only when rescue services are sighted

1. Select the end to be used – smoke by day, flare at night.

Due to its high power the flare also has good visibility by day if required. The Signal has colour coded and ribbed end caps to aid identification at night.

2. Remove end cap.
3. Hold clear of face, point away from body and downwind.
4. To activate pull toggle sharply away from body.


Length: 190mm (7.48”)
Diameter: 30mm (1.18”)
Weight: 170g
Net Explosive Content: 45g
Ignition: pull-wire ignitor
Flare burning time: 20 seconds
Light intensity: 15,000cd
Colour of light: red
Smoke duration: 18 seconds
Colour of smoke: orange

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