Crewsafe V200

Designed specifically for submarines, the Crewsafe V200 transmits GPS coordinates via AIS, VHF DSC and VHF voice message to pinpoint the location (±10m) of casualties following subsurface escape or abandonment.

The Crewsafe V200 is a compact, easy to use distress beacon that enables every crew member who reaches the surface to be located and tracked by rescue forces.

This innovative device does not interfere with the submarine escape process and successfully overcomes the challenges of size, functionality and performance required to meet submarine escape and rescue needs of naval forces worldwide.

How it works
Following an at-sea abandonment or escape, the Crewsafe V200 transmits the GPS coordinates, via AIS, of casualties to facilitate successful location and recovery by rescue forces.

The device uses the marine VHF radio band to transmit distress alerts and updated GPS positioning coordinates directly from the casualty to all VHF DSC and voice-capable radios. It also transmits continuous direction fnding tones on 121.5MHz and features a high visibility strobe.

1. On reaching the surface, Crewsafe V200 activates, acquires GPS and transmits distress and position data.

2. Approaching rescue forces detect individual transmission data from all casualties on the surface.

3. Crewsafe V200 repeats transmissions at regular intervals for minimum 48 hours.

4.  Any suitably equipped platform can automatically plot multiple casualties on a chart plotter using VHF DSC and/or AIS, enabling location, tracking and recovery.

Why choose the Crewsafe V200 PLB?
Crewsafe V200:

  • Is worn with escape suit or abandonment suit
  • Transmits unique device identity and GPS data via AIS, VHF DSC and VHF voice message
  • Provides alert to any unit, surface or airborne, ftted with standard marine- based VHF DSC and/or AIS receivers
  • Updates position data regularly to allow tracking of casualties

Multi System Alert

  • Location accuracy: ± 10m
  • Regular GPS updates via VHF DSC & voice message
  • AIS position report everyminute
  • Continuous 121.5MHz direction fndingtone
  • Strobe

Long Life

  • Minimum 48 hours emergency operation
  • Power saving mode
  • Serviceable battery
  • 5 year service life

Submarine Specific

  • Fully tested with SEIE
  • Depth rated to 300m
  • Size: 137 x 77 x 44mm
  • Weight: 455g

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