Crewline Pro Safety Line

The Crewline Pro safety line range is designed to meet the needs of those who may wish to tether to a yacht in unstable conditions, where there may be risk of falling overboard.

Constructed using self-locking safety hooks, with a wide opening, allows the user to easily attach the Crewline Pro to the attachment point on a lifejacket or safety harness and a suitable anchor point on the yacht as required.


Constructed from a durable, hydrophobic webbing helps to keep the safety line as light as possible, even in the harshest environments, as it reduces the amount of water absorbed compared with move conventional safety lines. This combined with its advanced hook makes the Crewline Pro a first choice for those sailing in a high performance racing environments where nothing but the very best in performance technology will do.

  • Lightweight self-locking hook
  • Reflective detailing
  • Compact
  • Constructed from a durable, hydrophobic webbing
  • Electric neon colourway
  • Easy to use
  • Overload indicator (maximum weight 400 kg)

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