The Argonaut IC2 is the second generation of our industrial communication headset and may be configured to either a behind-the-head earmuff (shown) or other circumaural hearing protector.

It offers the extreme noise communications intelligibility of our boom mounted digital noise cancelling microphone (up to 125+dB), coupled with our stereo communications earplugs.

The DHP performance of the system is excellent, and the earplugs are connected to the boom via a standard 3.5 mm audio connector, so that they may also be used in any standard headphone audio jack. Part numbers vary based on radio interface requirements. Certain models are also rated for UL 913 Intrinsic Safety (IS).



  • Powered from most radios, no external battery required.
  • Integrated double hearing protection.
  • Excellent 2-way communications capability in noise fields up to and exceeding 120 dB.


  • Small and compact digital noise canceling microphone performance.
  • Reduces noise transmitted through the microphone to listeners by more than 10 dB, preserving hearing.
  • Environmentally rugged design.



  • Compatible with a wide variety of radio systems.
  • Standard 3.5 mm audio connector works with Aegisound CCE and GCE earplugs.
  • Can be attached to virtually any passive hearing protection design that’s available from Aegisound, including behind the head circumaural hearing protectors.
  • Compatible with HGU-25/P and HGU-95/P head protection.
  • Compatible with Motorola 765IS, 6550, and M/A-COM P7100 Radio Variants

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