Anti Static Charge Cable

Lite Flites Anti Static Charge Cables are delivered in any desirable length with a wire loop at one end, and a ball termination at the other for added stability and weight.

The static discharge cable consists of a stainless steel, marine grade, PVC lined wire rope, uninsulated at the lower 50 cm.

A crimped stainless steel top termination is attached to a stainless steel screwgate karabiner, via a cheap, field replaceable weak leak, breaking strength 60-80kg.

The wire tip is welded and smoothly rounded, to prevent snagging. The shear weight of the wire ensures that the wire is stretched and makes contact with the ground or water.

Check for damage before each use (look for loose wire strands, replace weak link if neccessary, check karabiner function). Clean (rinse in fresh water) and leave to dry after each use.

Product Specifications:

Weight: 0,4 kg

Standard Length: 2,5 m / 3,0 m

Inspections: Annual

Cleaning: Rinse in fresh water and air dry at room temperature after use


Material: 4 mm 7×7 aisi 316 stainless steel

Liner: Ø9 mm white PVC

Weak link: Ø30 mm standard key ring

Karabiner: 80 mm aisi 316 screwgate

Life time: On condition

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