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Aircrew 4-6 Man Overland

Designed to support an aircrew of up to 6 persons, this unique kit is lightweight and easily transportable. The Survival Kitbag has a handle, which allows it to be carried like a suitcase, as well as stowable/concealed shoulder straps which allow it to be worn as a backpack.

We can also customize survival kits for any application whether being sea rescue, overland and/or arctic. Please contact us for consulation.


The kit contains the basic over-land survival essentials, and is easily modified to end-user specific requirements.
The installation of an economical, lightweight and compact emergency survival kit provides essential survival aids in the event of an over-land ditching.
This Survival Kit are easily stored for rapid acess in any aircraft compartment or easliy stowed under a seat.



  • Capacity: 6 Person
  • Dimensions: 22″ x 18″ x 6″
  • Weight: 22 lbs

4-6 Man Survival Kit consists of the following components:

1   Knife
1   Mirror
1   Signal Kit
1   Flare
2   Matches, waterproof w/container
4   Blankets
12 Water, Bagged
8   Rations
5   Candles
1   Water Purification tablet
1   Water Storage Bag
1   Whistle
1   Fire Starter
4   Wool Watch Caps
1   Compass
1   Survival Manual
1   General Purpose First Aid Kit
2   Day/Night Flare Signal
1   Fuel Bar
1   Insect Repellant Cutter
1   Crash Axe and Sheath
30 ft. Cord
1   Flashlight/Strobe (include batteries)
1   Equipment Bag
6   Green Lightsticks

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