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530 GPM

The Survitec 530GPM is a robust, heavy duty multi-purpose inflatable boat, constructed from UV and abrasion resistant Hypalon. The boat features an inflatable deep V-shaped keel with reinforced Hypalon seams

The 530GPM has 5 independent air compartments and utilises one hull (skin) to support different floor versions: wooden and aluminum segmented floor, roll-up floor and others like air deck on request. The floors are inserted in combination with longitudinal additional aluminum stringers for best assembly performance. The highly customizable boat holds a max of 12 persons and can be configured to support multiple mission profiles including rapid response, surveillance, patrolling, law enforcement, anti-piracy operations, search and rescue and medical evacuations, quick deployment work boat applications.


  • Design and construction benchmarked against SOLAS Rescue Boats Standards
  • Heavy duty construction, manufactured from UV resistant, robust Hypalon fabric
  • Fully adaptable for a varity of applications including fast rescue, infiltration amd extraction, and covert missions
  • Customizable accessories such as reinforcements, handles and ropes.
  • Available with lov noise battery powered whisper engine

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