1000 Series Rear Aircrew Suit

For demanding work in tough environments, this suit’s advanced design, fabric and seals deliver survival, flexibility and durability for winchmen and other rear helicopter crew.
Reinforced and padded knees protect the wearer while high-performance lining materials combat thermal stress. 4-hour certified.


  • Anti-microbial liner integrates NASA-developed technology to facilitate thermal regulation for increased comfort and in-water survivability
  • GORE-TEX Nomex outer shell combines breathability with fire protection
  • Reinforced and padded areas ensure working comfort and longevity of suit
  • Ergonomic design with articulated sleeves and trousers to ensure crew are not restricted in completing the demanding physical tasks equired of their role
  • Air release valves enable controlled escape and safety in the water
  • Rent or buy. Rental options available to ensure crew keep flying while their suits are serviced

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